SEO is a slow and steady art that allows a business or organization that through hard work combined with time and strategic planning enables a website to have an opportunity to rank for valuable keywords and in-turn increasing targeted traffic to a website.

The following plans are budget conscious and offers affordable online marketing solutions. The plans are progressive. Meaning each plan includes all the features and elements of the previous or lower plans.

We do not limit the keywords to be targeted in the plan and focus on a wide net approach which generally generates consistent traffic.

We are dealing with third party search engines whose algorithms change often and cannot guarantee ranking for any specific keyword. However we do follow best practices and always deliver the work promised.

These elements are included in all of our SEO plans. This will be the work completed during the first 30 days of the campaign. After the SEO Launch is completed; then we will begin working on the ongoing monthly campaign deliverables.

Research, Assessment & Strategy:

First steps involve research and understanding your business. This includes a thorough site assesment and optimization strategies.

Competitive Assessments:

We will examine & analyze your competitor’s strategy and marketing efforts to look for opportunities.

Keyword Research & Onsite Optimization:

Includes: Page, Meta-Description, H1, Alt Tags, and URL optimization up to 75 pages on your site.