Design Ideas and Trends for eCommerce Websites

It goes without saying that a website’s homepage should provide a lasting first impression. The layout, colors, and content should leave a memorable imprint in the mind of each visitor. Arguably more important than the overall page composition is the page content. This notion holds even greater merit when discussing e-commerce shops.

Think about it from your own perspective: you sit down at your desk to finish some work and find yourself surfing the web for a couple of minutes or hours, you know how it goes. Anyway, you stumble onto a great website that seems to have something you want to buy, but you just can’t read enough about the product or basically you’re left wanting to know more. Perhaps you even notice the product photo on the page doesn’t show enough of the features of the product. Not a great initial presentation, and of course no one is going to buy.

Design a website with visuals and reference material to give visitors an informative first impression. Everything that a new visitor needs to know should be located above-the-fold (before you have to scroll) either in a moving carousel or slideshow. Also you should add plenty more information below-the-fold to satiate those who really want more.

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When you’re designing a website jam-packed with information, you’ll need to use some finesse with navigation. Visitors obviously want to find whatever they’re looking for in a quick yet concise manner and when it comes to large header navigation links, dropdown menus are the most popular trend. This idea will help persuade first-time visitors to fall in love with the products and the website.

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