Lancaster Brand Equity | Lancaster Website Design

I’ve received a number of emails from clients recently on the topic of brand equity, and I wanted to use this blog to lay out some basics on what brand equity means and how it relates to responsive website design.

Defining Brand Equity


In a nutshell, brand equity is the strength of a relationship between a client and a business. For instance, let’s say a graphic designer picks up a copy of Photoshop. The quality of the relationship between that graphic designer and Adobe (the company that makes Photoshop) can be measured in terms of brand equity.

If our graphic designer encounters a problem with Photoshop, attempts to call customer support, and sits on hold for an hour, brand equity is ticking away with each minute she waits. Similarly, if she finally gets help and the support technician offers her a free upgrade, equity is gained.

Equity and Design

While this might seem simple, interactions with people aren’t the only thing that improves or reduces brand equity. A website with an attractive layout and an easy to use interface that always points clients in the right direction can be a permanent source of positive brand equity.

Likewise, a site that utilizes outmoded graphic design elements, that doesn’t function properly, or that won’t interact with modern tablets and smartphones can a permanent drain on brand equity.

Improving Brand Equity

At present, one of the best ways to improve brand equity with both existing and new clients is a forward-thinking online strategy. Responsive website design is a wide open door that allows clients to connect to the host site with whatever device they prefer. While graphic design elements are still important, the freedom to connect with a smartphone or tablet is rapidly becoming the most important feature of any website.

Bottom line:Responsive website design is a double positive. Not only does it provide opportunities for multi-platform marketing efforts,it generates positive brand equity every time a user connects with a smartphone or tablet.