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Consistency is Crucial

Consistency is a core element of any successful business branding strategy. To understand why, imagine you’re at a mixer in a roomful of potential clients. Would you introduce yourself by a different name to each client? Of course not. So why would you do it with your business?

Your branding strategy determines the identity of your business, and each element of your brand must maintain that identity. This consistency reaches far beyond logo design to include the look, feel, and voice of every portion of your business that your clients encounter.

Consistency is Trust

There is no better way to gather the trust of your clients than to consolidate your branding strategy and ensure that each element of your enterprise is part of the same recognizable entity.

If a client visits your website and encounters a different version of a logo than they found on a piece of printed literature, it can be jarring, and certainly affects the trust they place in your business. Conversely, consistent branding at each interaction point in your organization ensures that clients are able to maintain their relationship with your company across the board.

Comprehensive Consistency

An effective branding strategy requires a comprehensive approach. There’s much more to brand consistency than slapping your logo on all your marketing material and unifying your color choices. A comprehensivebusiness branding strategy addresses all elements of how your enterprise interfaces with the public, and this includes your core marketing messages.

Think of it like the personality of your business. Your core marketing messages should be presented in a specific way and use a specific voice each and every time your clients encounter them. Missing a step in this comprehensive consistency can generate the same kind of mistrust that results from presenting your clients with different versions of your logo.

Consistency Codified

Once comprehensive consistency is attained, it needs to be maintained. A standardized set of brand guidelines helps ensure your enterprise can produce new marketing material, content, and literature without altering the voice or style that your clients have come to expect.