4 Expectations Have While Visiting Your Website

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Gone are the days when you could simply put together a quick website and consumers would make a purchase. You also can’t simply add a bunch of fancy bells and whistles to your website and expect your sales to skyrocket. Contemporary consumers have very clear expectations when it comes to commerce websites. If your web design fails to meet these expectations, your website won’t generate the anticipated revenue.

A Clear Sense of Your Businesses Brand

Your web design needs to clearly and quickly provide visitors with an immediate sense of brand. Within seconds of clicking on your website, visitors should know exactly what to expect from you. Every single element of your website, from the type of content you post, to the colors/font of the headlines, to the images you use must perfectly broadcast your brand.

Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive navigation is one of the most important components of your website. It also happens to be one of the hardest things to incorporate. That’s why it’s so important to use a professional web design firm rather than a “build your own website” template.

The trick with intuitive navigation is creating menus that are easy to find and use, but which don’t interrupt the flow of our web content. Creativity is great, provided you’re not so creative that your visitors aren’t able to locate the menus. In addition to useful menus, you’ll also want to sprinkle helpful links, your CTA, and a subtle nudge into your sales funnel into your web design.

That Your Respect and Want to Protect Their Privacy

Security has become a huge concern and it’s not a worry that’s going away anytime soon. From the moment a person enters your website, you need to provide them with a sense of security. This means alerting them if you use cookies, assuring them that you constantly take steps to make sure any information they provide you is secure, and most importantly, using encryption software that protects any financial information the customer provides.


It’s not enough to simply tell your customers that you’re a great company that provides services or offers products that will improve their lives. Today’s consumer wants third-party validation. Before they’re willing to part with their money, they want tangible proof that you’re a legit business that provides top-notch customer service and that honors the commitment you make each time your website generates a transaction.

The best way to provide the validation consumers crave is via testimonials and reviews. Ideally, these consumer reviews should be short and to the point. Most importantly, they need to create a sense of security and reassure prospective clients that you’re a business they want to utilize.

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