It’s Time to Revamp Your Current Web Design


Websites are kind of like home decorating projects. When the project is first completed it’s fresh, exciting, and feels very modern. However, as time passes, both the website and the interior of your home start to feel dated. The difference is that while you can learn to live with a tired home interior design scheme, you need to update your website. Having a website that feels outdated will have a massive negative impact on your business.

Here are some useful tips that will help you decide if it’s time to revamp your website.

Your Listed Promotions and Sales Funnel Offerings are No Longer Valid

We’ve been surprised by the number of clients we encounter who have a website that’s full of outdated info, including deadlines and promotions that are long past. Pay attention to any dates you have listed o your website. If one of the dates is just a few weeks past, it gives your visitors that you’re either unable to stay on top of your business demands, or you don’t value customer service.

Having expired promotions listed on your website does more than simply make your website look out-of-date. They also infuriate visitors who feel that they’ve been lured to your website under false pretenses.

The Number of Sales and Leads Generated by Your Website Have Sharply Declined

Take a look at the number of leads your website currently generates and compare it to the same data from a few years or even just a few months ago. If the number of web-generated leads hasn’t improved or at least stayed the same, it’s time to revamp your website. The lack of leads is a solid indicator that your current web design isn’t working.

The Technology Used in the Web Design is Dated

You already know that technology is constantly improving but you might not know how much newer technology improves your website. It’s worth meeting with a web design team every few years and arranging for a consultation. The web design experts can explain what web design tech has been developed since your last website revamp. Together you can explore whether incorporating the new technology will significantly improve your current website or not.

We want your website to be a huge success. If you suspect your website is outdated and not generating the desired ROI, contact us for some great ideas that will improve your virtual storefront. We can’t wait to hear from you!